What's the role of a teacher?

@XoyyoX (1055)
July 18, 2008 2:04am CST
you know, it's 21st century, and teachers are no more authorities, teachers are somehow students' students, i'm a teacher, i can always learn a lot from my students, they are adult esl learners. frankly we are in the same age. and some of them know more about society and life. i teach them english knowledge, they teach me social skills. lol
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• China
19 Jul 08
In my opinion teacher have many roles In life they can be the friend of students In class they can be a role of guider
• Philippines
19 Jul 08
A teacher has many roles to fulfill but his main role is to teach his students. The teacher should share his knowledge to his students so that they can use it whenever and wherever they need it. Second is to become his students' parent. In school, the parents of the students are not present so the teachers serve as the parents of the students; in a way that they can be approached and asked for help whenever the students need help. Another is that they can be listeners to their students who share their thoughts. A teacher can listen to his students and also share his thoughts with them. A teacher really is a great part of a person's life, so let us not forget them. They are what made us what we are today...
@leateagee (3667)
• China
18 Jul 08
A teacher has many roles. The first is to teach what students need to know. Imparting and sharing the knowledge to the students must be quiet hard for you because they are all grown u now. Another role could be a friend whom you become very approachable and accommodating of his/her problem. A teacher can a sister, a mother and a classmate too. A teacher can be a great adviser, counselor and facilitator. take care