did you ever see hongkong?

@zeny_zion (1284)
July 18, 2008 3:29am CST
i went there with my sister, nice place. too many people in the streets. most of the people dont speak english. it's hard to communicate and buy goods. we saw the ocean park. great! hug aquarium, big fish, delicious cuisine. i just hope i can go back in hongkong with my daughter to see disneyland.
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@sbondoc (56)
• Singapore
10 Dec 08
i've been to singapore last 2004. but i havn't seen disneyland since it opened on 2005.
• Singapore
10 Dec 08
what i meant was hongkong.. sorry.
• United States
11 Oct 12
I've been to Hongkong several times with my daughter, with my husband, with members of our Rotary Club, with friends...different seasons ...the skyline was breathtaking, it was a haven for super bargains, the night market was full of beautiful wares and so very affordable. Sidewalk shopping too everywhere we went. I bought a lot of merchandise, sold it to friends back home at a reasonable profit and in the process, was able to recoup my travel expenses, and so, my trips were usually "free". Our Rotarian counterparts took us to the best places for dining, to our joint project sites. Ocean Park was a lot of fun. However, I haven't been there since it reverted back to China. I wonder how it is now.
@Shavkat (78290)
• Philippines
22 Jul 12
I've been to HK for so many times. HK disneyland was not big are compared to Ocean Park. But, it is nice to visit the place.
• United States
7 Mar 11
Yes, I went and worked in Hong Kong as a Domestic Helper or household helper. It was great. The city is nice. People walking in the street seems chasing with each other. High, tall buildings. Nice place. I love it. I want to go back and visit there again one day but not as domestic helper, I guess. Maybe, will go and visit there one day with my hubby and spend the together in the PEAK or visit HK Disneyland or Ocean PArk, or simply the Botanical Garden. :)
@pink_lady (361)
• Philippines
27 Mar 09
yes, we've been to Hong Kong Last Dec. of 2006. We went to Disney Land as well. and we go to the jewel store of Mr. Jackie Chan, buy some bracelets there. Plan to go back there also to Macau by next year.
• Isle Of Man
27 Jul 08
yes, i went to hongkong in 2001 with my bestfriend, we stayed in Panda Hotel in kawloon. it was a 4D3N packaged tour w/ side trip in schenzhen city china... we went to ocean park, victoria point, to a shopping place where they sell jewelries and some alternative medicine clinic where you could see loads of odd things in jars like pickled snake, and money's head, they'll let you try stuff like bear's bile and toasted giant black ants ... i enjoyed the side trip to schenzhen better, partly because the weather was better that day we went to china... we went to windows of the world, in a museumand a lychee tea factory... we had a great chinese style lunch (that's inclusive) and we were given an hour to buy really cheap quality stuff at the station... on our first day we were let on our own, luckily we met some few filipinos who are very accomodating and showed us around HK, then we parted ways when we got to downtown and we were just given instructions on how to go back to the hotel, i was dying for the loo so i ask a sales lady in a store if i could use their CR, i totally forgot that HK was once a british colony and they called their CR, toilet... and as you say they don't speak much english in HK so asking for the toilet is like a charade...
• Philippines
24 Jul 08
We went there a long long time ago, I guess 1994 or 1995? Oh yeah, I'm zeroflash's sister :P I was only 7 at that time and wish I was older so I can better appreciate our trip. It was December. The night lights and Christmas atmosphere was really felt there. Also, Ocean Park sure is nice! I love the long tunnel under the waters. At that time though, Disneyland wasn't built yet. I would love to go back there and see those places again :D
@zeroflashx2 (2489)
• Philippines
18 Jul 08
Hi zion! Yeah, I've been to Hongkong but it was quite a long time ago. It was way back when I was still in grade school. The place wasn't that jam packed with people yet. We stayed at the Guangdong Hotel on the 16th floor. It was loads of fun. I enjoyed it a lot as a kid. We were on a guided tour and Ocean Park was one of 'em. Loved the whales. And yeah, it was hard to communicate sometimes. It was good that there was a place where most of our countrymen go. My mom, dad and aunt took me and my sister there. It's Jack in the Box. I'd really go there again given time and extra money to spare. I'm pretty sure it's gonna be different now compared to last time we visited. Take care!