do you know what parenting is?

@zeny_zion (1284)
July 18, 2008 4:01am CST
im a mom and i hve 1 kid. they said its hard to be a parent. maybe yes if your kid is a problem child. in my case, i enjoyed being a parent. im a single mom, separated for 9 years. i didnt got a hard time doing all the parenting alone. its a a challenge and i think ive made it with flying colors.
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@kezabelle (2984)
18 Jul 08
I wouldnt say any child is a "problem" child im not one for labelling them anyway I do know though that all children are different and some children are easy to care for while others take a little more work. Ive two children they couldnt be more different our youngest is more likely to cause "trouble" but its just her exploring her world and her boundaries doesnt mean I enjoy it any less