why hotel always reserve better level & view for smoking rooms?

@cottonm (753)
July 18, 2008 12:50pm CST
do ya notice that, hotel often hav their smoking room at the top level, and they often provide better view room for smoker...and, i really dun like it when enter to a smoking room, the hotel shud prepare a good air purifier machine for the smoking room...do u think v shud ban ppl smoking in the hotel room? (hahhaha, most of my friends r smoker, i think they gotta kill me :p)
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@sergedan (768)
• Romania
18 Jul 08
Yea, I think we should ban smoking all together, I'm curious too about why the smokers are in advantage to non-smokers
• Israel
22 Jul 08
It seems that it is OK to be rude to smokers these days. There is hardly anywhere inside a smoker can smoke these days. Businesses, bars, restrants (sp) aren't given a choice if they want to be smoking or non smoking. They are now all non smoking and that's it. Even outside places ban it. People will start fake coughing and flapping their arms if they even see anyone smoking inside or out. I've seen people do this even at distances of 10 meters or more from the smoker. It's just darn rude.
@cottonm (753)
• Malaysia
24 Jul 08
i think smoker can come to Asia countries nowadays, hahahah, not much restrictions here....hahha, oppps, non smoker in asian countries will like 2 kill me i think :p but still, no matter smoker or non smoker, v just need to learn to respect each other...