United States
July 18, 2008 6:39pm CST
anyone here at mylot ever heard of this site? i have been playing on it and just get so addicted to clicking. anyways i was just wonder for those who have done it before have you ever won anything?? i have won a $10 amazon gift card but that is about it. they say you have a chance to win big bucks but i certainly dont know anyone who has won anything major. anyways. have fun.
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• United States
18 Jul 08
I used to play on iwon religiously a long time ago. I never won anything I just got coins and I would put them in a sweepstakes. I just figured i would never get anything out of it so I stopped playing. I'm still a member, I logged in right now as I read your post and my account is still active. Congradulations on your amazon gift card. I might start up again since you were able to get an amazon gift card out of it. I put so much time into it and never got anything. As far as the big bucks I don't know either.