I got so much love to give

July 18, 2008 7:19pm CST
that is the title of the song i play now 'i got so much love to give' and then suddenly i felt like talking here.. Sometimes its ok being alone, but some days its not and makes me feel depressed :( Even i need little care, affection, to feel comforted, o and now next song.. 'all by myself' o now that really makes me feel worse.. Dont wonna be all by myself, anymore. do you get frustrated, fact you do have much love to give but no one to share it with? i get so lonely, no one can love me because only see appearance :( why cant any one see past that to what really matters..
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@alkurishy (2069)
• Iraq
19 Jul 08
Love is great thing that we have, but we can't know where it come from or when it happen, some times the good thing you have is the love, and that is so good to give, love is a great word that we should think about it. And dear don't be upset like that, there are someone who waiting to share this love with you some where in this world and when it's time come you will feel it and live in it, I hope it comes soon. Have a nice day my friend, and keep smiling.
19 Jul 08
well thanks anyway.. but i think i be waiting a very long time for love.. Most only think body with me, not heart so i still am waiting for to know what love REALLY feels like lool maybe i be taking out my pension when it comes i think
• United States
19 Jul 08
I know how you feel! I was alone for five long years. It was not because I couldn't get a date but by choice. Some days were so depressing I didn't want to get out of bed. If you look like your advatar , you are a pretty woman. So why not get out and met someone?
19 Jul 08
yes it is me.. and yea some days i listen music and feel so depressed to be alone.. and to go out, hmm I suppose it be ok if i am looking for a 1 nite of fun with a drunk... No thanks lol i can get date, by choice i not accepted because make it obvious only want invade my body.. anyway thank you for your kind words