How do you react to friends that quarrel?

@loujac3 (1188)
United States
July 19, 2008 2:41am CST
I have friends that thrive on quarreling. They do not hesitate to quarrel in public or even when they have friends over at their house. It makes me very uncomfortable and I want to get up and leave. My daughter would handle this by making a comment like, "How about those Mets?" How do you handle situations like this? Do I get up and leave or just sit back and try to act like it isn't happening or that I can't hear them?
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@Ricky007 (512)
19 Jul 08
I also have few friends who easily gets into quarrel..They really creates a very embarrasing situation..i just like to walk away from that place..cheers
@loujac3 (1188)
• United States
21 Jul 08
I agree, it is easier to just walk away.
@bbsr13 (4197)
• India
19 Jul 08
Hello,loujac! A friend of mine had a quarrel with his wife for the last few days and i visited their house casually and his wife complained me about her husband's behavior.both of them quarreled and cried before me.I console them and they compromised each other.In the next day i went with my wife to see them and found that my friend had realised his fault and felt very sorry for the matter and promised not to quarrel with his wife in when such asituation arises in your presence you negotiate and bring them to a compromising stage.thanx.