Our Condo board Authority/ Abuse of Power

United States
August 21, 2006 11:44am CST
We had a disagreement with our Condo. Board about our Dog. The Condo. agreement states that all dogs must be on a leash or carried when in common areas. We contend that, by the definition of the word "leash" which is anything that restains. It does not mean "hand held' as they define it. The problem is that they say we can not have out dog tied out even when we are out there with him. They are only recently enforcing this. They, the Condo. Board called a hearing, which we attended last Tuesday night. We discussd our differences and they stated that They did not care about the definition of the word leash, that all of the rules of the Condo. Association are left up to "their" interperation of them and can be changed as they see fit. At the end of the meeting they told us that we had to obide by the rules or we would face a daily fine for not being in compliance. And also face anothe hearing. Two days after the meeting, they sent us a letter stating that they had voted and had decided that we had to remove our dog from the property with in two weeks. There was no explaination as to why this had to take place. On two seperate occassions the Condo. Board President had intentionally antagonized out dog , who was tied out while we were inside for a few minutes. He admitted to doing this at the hearing and made no excuse or apologies for his behavior. It seems to me that this Board is just bullying us and I would hope that they can not make us get rid of our dog as he has done nothing wrong . He did, pull at the end of his lease when the Condo. Board President leaned in and stared at him. These actions, by the way are concidered theatining to a dog that is leased. Do we have any recourse in this matter? It appears that the Board can change the rules any time they want and we can not do anything about it. Is this the case?
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