No marriage in heaven? Isn't that depressing?

United States
July 19, 2008 7:04am CST
When we are young we are told when we go to heaven we will be reunited with our loved ones. We spend our entire lives on Earth caring for our relationships and love. We give our entire lives to our family, promising to spend all enternity with our spouse. But when we die there is no marriage in heaven? Does that not depress you?
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@lyzabelle (1668)
• Philippines
19 Jul 08
[b]There's no marriage in heaven because your already married here on earth. Just kidding. Nobody really knows what up in there. Maybe we will love each other like brothers and sisters in heaven. No more husband and wives. No more boyfriend and girlfriend. No more enemies. Just one big happy family. Would you allowed that?[/b]
• United States
19 Jul 08
No, I think an eternity without loving my husband would be depressing.
@Ravenladyj (22919)
• United States
19 Jul 08
Wow thats the first I've heard of that....Why do you say that there is no marriage in heaven thouhg? As for it being depressing..yea I could see how it would be to many ppl but for me personally its not an issue simply because I dont believe in heaven.
• United States
19 Jul 08
It's in the scriptures. I posted a discussion about what age we will be in heaven (ie: will an infant remain an infant) and the responses stated these scriptures. Here's the link to that discussion...
• India
20 Jul 08
LOL, I don't find it depressing at all. So many people are experiencing hell on earth because of their unhappy married lives. Let them be free at least in heaven. As for those who are really happy with their spouses here, I guess they could put in a special appeal to God about how they would like to enjoy the sweets of heaven with their spouses. I don't think God will mind. :) Cheers and happy mylotting
@efc872 (1078)
• Jamaica
19 Jul 08
When your spouse deny you earthly love, divorce usually usually follows. If no marriage or sweetheart life is allowed in heaven, what the hell are we going there for?.