What are some things you feel irritated with?

July 19, 2008 2:38pm CST
In life there are things/people that you feel irritated. As for me, I usually get irritated when... ...i am not getting what i want no matter how hard i tried ...other people are trying to run my life ...someone borrow my belongings and doesn't know how to return it ...someone gets my things without my knowledge ...promises are not fulfilled These are some of the few things that i get irritated with. How about you? Do you also have yours? Mind if sharing it...
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@YoungInLove (1254)
• Canada
19 Jul 08
I am really irritated with punctuallity and when people are very late for no reason. Theres no excuse to be that late if your not doing anything really important. or atleast call to say your going to be late so you dont leave people waiting around.. Which comes to my second peeve.. Not calling when you should. Alot of my friends dont call when they're going to be late and I think its stupid because if they're supposed to be here any minute Ill sit and wait. But if they're goingto be an hour late and dont tell me im still waiting, while i could have done something productive with that time I was waiting. It takes a minute to pick up the phone and dial, so i dont see why its so hard for alot of people to do, I guess some people jsut dont see it that way though..
• Philippines
19 Jul 08
yeah right! it's really annoying to wait for someone who is coming late. I, myself, hate to wait long. Coz i make sure that i come on time if i have an appointment and if ever i am gonna be late, i make sure as well that i'd advise the person waiting for me. It's unfair to keep the other person waiting.
@iyah10 (4116)
• Kuwait
19 Jul 08
I am irritated with people who does not knew how to humble themselves and just wait for other people to do it for them........