very bad forearm pain help!

pretty much doing this exersize doing anything eve - yep this is what causes the pain
July 19, 2008 8:34pm CST
ok i go to the gym. help me! i have a massive pain from wrist to almost the elbow along the outer part of my forearms. doesnt quite feel like muscle pain but get a massive pain when ever doing any kind of bicep curl weather it is at work lifting trays to shaking a deodrant can. used to have problem before and always had gone away when quit gym it goes away then when i start up gym or some kind of hard physical sport after a few months of doing it it comes back slowly again. i do not want to quit the gym again and dont have the money to see a specialist about it i only work out biceps once a week but its still a killer. i feel the pain all the time when ever pretty much doing any pulling motion with my hand. even while batting, playing cricket (aussie sport) holding plates of dinner with one hand., i feel the pain pretty much the heavier the object is the more hurtfull the pain is. so its from my outer part of forearm from wirst to almost the elbow. it is a shotting pain that goes up my forearm. and it goes away as soon as i let go of whatever im holding or pulling up. advice? help? any idea what to do?quitting the gym is NOT an opition i have quit to many times because of this pain
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@elmiko (6635)
• United States
20 Jul 08
I was lifting weights about 2 or 3 years ago and was lifting dumbells to where my arms were all the way up. I think the exercise was called lateral raises. Anyway I made a simple mistake of not putting the same amount of weight on each side of the 1 dumbbell. Basicly I have to add the weight onto the dumbells and seal them on tight. Its not like the dumbells that have the weight welded on. When I lifted the weight of course my wrist twisted to one side of because of the heavy weight injuring my left wrist which is still somewhat injured to this day but not really bad. The pain is not agonizing but if I irritate it somewhat doing the wrong things or exercises i'll notice the pain. I can no longer do certain exercises with the left wrist. The only thing I can tell you for sure that really helped me was is I avoided all exercises for months or anything that would irritate it. The pain was no longer there afterward except if I stupidly tried to do the exericises that irratated me from the last time. The only reason I tried the exercises again because I wanted to know if my wrist had completely healed up all the way with no permanent injuries. Yes I think my left wrist is somewhat injured a little bit for good but I can hardly notice it except when doing certain things. I don't think surgury is neccessary because its not no where near that bad to need it. Just out of all the things I said remember that resting it for months while avoiding irratating things to it is what helped me. Its just common sense and basic but you may feel that you can't wait that long but I think its nesseccary for future health.
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@Hatley (164077)
• Garden Grove, California
29 Jul 08
adadriam hi it sounds to me like you have partial tendon tear and you arent helping them by keepinng on doing the same things thatcaused it. you need to see a orthopedist and get diagnosed then go for the physical theraphy you will need. if you have insurance it should cover have to see an orthopedic doctor as it does not show up on x rays and all ortho docs know this when they see it. you gave the classic symptoms. I had it in my legs, you have it in your arms.