is personallity development courses are useful?

@abbu20 (207)
July 20, 2008 1:17am CST
dear mylotter one of my best friend is doing a personallity development course and he says is the best thing happen in his life cause its helping him a lot in his day to day life. is it true that its a good course to do or just wasting time. give opinion
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@vidhi169 (108)
• India
24 Jan 12
Yes, this courses are very helpful for everybody. With these course you can build up your overall personality. A pleasing personality can be cultivated in a formal way. I am sharing a link, hope this will helpful for you.
@vidhi169 (108)
• India
3 Nov 11
Yes, there is no doubt. The personality course helps you to get more focus on your own goals. A pleasing personality can be cultivated in a formal way. Enhancing your personality is a part of growth.
• United States
16 Aug 08
I think what can be helpful is the information provided in such courses. Usually (not always) they bring a different perspective on issues or personality traits (for example). Some courses use personality tests and questionnaires to help us look at ourselves in a different light. I always feel that it is a positive thing to do...investigate ourselves and see what really makes us tick (behave the way we do). I may have been disappointed in a course, book, workshop, etc. - however, I do not recall ever feeling like it was a waste of time. :-) There is an opportunity to learn in everything.
@veejay19 (3590)
• India
20 Jul 08
Personality development is very useful for everyone but the course shouldnot just be " dry" as most of them are.What i mean is that most courses deal only with the material aspects of ones life neglecting the human, and spiritual aspects. One of the best courses ,of which i had subscribed and completed many years ago is that given by The Yogoda Satsanga Society of India and its American counterpart Self Realisation Fellowship which is disseminated to millions of people world wide. Its founder Paramahansa Yogananda author of the bestselling book "Autobiography of a Yogi " had developed and written this course in the mid 1900`s.This course which is very cheap deals with all aspects of human life from the mundane to the spiritual and gives numerous techniques for every person to become a better human being. It is my earnest request to you and your friend to first read the book and then apply for the course,the information of which is given in the book itself. The lessons are home delivered by post regularly every month. There are in total 182 lessons and 4 of them are sent every month. I hope you and all of your friends will join this course because it will benefit you in your life.This is not meant for any particular religion or any caste ,creed, natiomality or sect but for every human being on earth.
• Philippines
20 Jul 08
Yes it is very useful, it helps to build one's confidence and boosts or maximizes the abilities and talents of one self. We all have difficulty in different areas like talking to people, we differ in expressing our opinions and many are have the diffulty to express her thoughts or ideas, either would it be acceptable, fears. The concept of personality development is the unleashing and exploring the inner-self. I am pretty sure your friend make a good choice ! Happy mylotting to you !
@Mat_keane (236)
• Malaysia
20 Jul 08
Hai, I think what course we study are useful. Most important thing to do is we must apply it into our life. That knowledge and not waste time. Gudluck!