Ideal gifts for cats

@bossgu (12)
July 20, 2008 2:43am CST
Cats,and also a friend,you like to cats? Perhaps everyone will have a diffeirent answer,is not it? When the hungry cat,it will turn around you will be called upon to you ,you give it to eat it is the best gift.When the cats keep your feet friction,it needs your loving embrace it is the best gift.Link cat is human nature that it is aware of who is it good that it is aware of where it is the home, it also needs the warmth of family,Every time outside to see a stray cat,I will be when they feed,perhaps to them,meal is a meal can be the ideal gift,But at the same time,those who are concerned about it,and it will be going to,because it is a concern to find it,it needs a home. So the cat the best gift to the people it is actually the love,care,everyone in fact a caring,not just cats,and other animals,there is still a need for concern, if this world filled with love, not perfect?
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20 Jul 08
you are very right boss the best gift a cat can have is a human..but we do not do to bad ourselves but having a cat helps especially when that is unconditional love being received from the are also right the world is far from perfect but the more love we bring into it the better we will be for it ...Thanks for your posting..