Which facebook application do you enjoy most?

July 20, 2008 6:44am CST
I enjoy Owned wherein you can buy and sell friends and other people and also the Superpoke. What about you?
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@cmathias12 (1025)
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20 Jul 08
I am still new to facebook an do not kw what the full extent is on applications but I do like thngs like dunkin donuts and star bucks. My sistr turned me into a zombie and that is interesting. Any suggestions on what I should try out?
• Philippines
22 Jul 08
You should try Owned and Be a Billionaire. You can also add Top Friends, send your friends drinks and give them awards...
• Thailand
22 Aug 08
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@eveeee (659)
20 Jul 08
I have to admit to being an application addict. ;) I went through a spell where I was on the wrestler, pool and parking wars apps every day. The wrestler I do enjoy, but I made the mistake of joining a team, which meant I had to be constantly active and then when life took over (hehe) I was missing turns and upsetting the team. The parking wars was fun for ages, but I admit I am bored with it now. I quite enjoy the pool app, but not played in a while, so I have a backlog of challenges to go through. Now though I have my Pet Pupz Samoyd called Fluff who I check on daily and am training well. I also enjoy the bowling which a friends got me into recently, and the superpoke.