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July 20, 2008 12:30pm CST
is it america is one of the most powerful country in the world campare to other countries what is the plan why bush want to deal with indian as a nuclear dealing and what he want to do he is a very selfish man.he killed lots of people in iraq and afganistan he want to role all over the world. what you thing the times comes for 3rd world war what do you notice
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• China
22 Jul 08
At present, it is undoubtedly that U.S.A is the most powerful country in the world both in economy and military. But as a American movie lines ( something like Spiderman) goes: more power, more responsibility, so what the U.S.A should do is to follow this line to meke more efforts to pursue world peace and development instead of aggression neither in territory nor economy such as Iraq, otherwise, no matter how powerful it is now, it's doomed to decay.
@dogsnme (1265)
• United States
20 Jul 08
I notice a lot of people all over the world today, voiceing their opinion about President Bush and America, influenced by the propoganda they hear through their own leaders and news media. I voted for Bush and I'll be the first to admit that I'm not entirely happy with him. I feel he hasn't really done anything to confront the illegal immigration issue here in Americal. But, no politician, no country and no individual is perfect. You say that Bush is a selfish man and I would agree with you, but everyone is or at some time been selfish. It's human nature. But, tell me, who is more selfish? The dictator who hoards all the country's wealth for his own pleasure while his people live in poverty and die, or the leader who gives money back to the people because he knows the money is rightfully theirs and that it's better for the country in the long run. Who is more selfish? The dictator who willingly oppresses his country's people and even murders them by the thousands becasue they don't agree with him or because in his eyes they are unworthy or are infidels, or the leader, regardless of all his faults realizes that all human life, regardless of nation, creed, or color, is valuable in God's eyes and has the courage to ask the people of his country, however unpopular a decision it may be, to make the necessary sacrifices so that others, even those who are strangers, can have a chance at freedom. Regardless of how unpopular here in America, the war may be, or the mistakes that have been made along the way, or the unfortunate deaths of many innocent civilians, the fact remains that the Iraqi people finally have the oppurtunity to live free, to worship how they choose, to pursue their dreams.
20 Jul 08
we all need world peace, whoever, whenever, wherever......