how much time spend with friends

July 20, 2008 2:04pm CST
how much time will you get to spend with friends daily and after meeting with your friends how you feel
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@acmomcee (49)
22 Jul 08
I like being with friends, but I want to stay with my family more. I enjoy outings with friends, but more when I'm with my relatives. Being with friends for a short period of time is enough. I'd better spend most of my time with families and relatives. I'm happier and more contented.
@avalanzce (125)
• Philippines
20 Jul 08
Occasionally.., but when I was in college we've been spending almost a day oftentimes. I really miss them, we're on our own different paths now and meeting them for quite a while really makes me so happy, I'm really glad that I met them, they're like a real brother to me and I'm really proud of them.
@jojuana (311)
• Jamaica
20 Jul 08
I've spent a whole day with my friends chatting,and having fun,i o not have a friend who is head strong enough to study with because that study session would end up to be chatting session,but we share our ideas and thoughts,we also elaborate on day to day issues. After spending the day with my friends we would call each other in the night and chat again about our day. When my friend is down i will spend the day trying to cheer him/her up. that what friends are for.
• India
20 Jul 08
Hi I like to be with my friends and due to time constraints I can not do this every day. I will visit my friends once in a week and spend some time with them. Most of the time I feel happy and relaxed after meeting them.
@excellence7 (3649)
• Mauritius
20 Jul 08
I really like my friends. I spend about 1 hour per day with my friends in my locality. But when I am in course, then I spend around 3-4 hours with my friends. We chat, we participate in sport activities, we go to gym, we revise in the library, we do group-works, etc...When I am with my friends, I don't feel stressed at all because we share many things.