Frustrated with bidvertiser

July 20, 2008 2:24pm CST
Bidvertiser, I just wanted to vent how frustrated I was with Bidvertiser. Thier site said that they were free. Well I did not trust them enough to give them my paypal info fortunately. I had their ads on my website for a day and made a dollar. Then I recived an e-mail from them saying that there were too many people signing up and that my site was not good enough or did not qualify so they deleted my earnings. I know in the rules you have to make a minimum amount but they treated me like I was doing them a disservice I practically gave them free advertising for a day and they complained. Anyway i just wanted to let others know. And was wondering if there are any advertising websites like google adsense that does not rip you off. HAs anything similar to this happened to you?
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