Right Shade of Lipstick for You?

July 21, 2008 3:09am CST
A popular actress once said that the first duty of a woman is to find the right shade of lipstick for her. sorry i can't remember her name. do you agree with that? anyway, i have experimented with different shades of lipstick and i used different shades depending on my mood and the occasion. i guess in picking the right shade you have to consider the occasion and the dress you are wearing, but frequent use made me see that the light shade of pink works best for me. how about you? i just noticed that my boyfriend likes it if i wear that shade and he also i noticed that generally he doesn't like shades that are too red for women, i think it is because it suggests aggressive behavior. anyway, i will still keep on wearing red shades if that is the shade that really suits me even if my boyfriend doesn't like it that much , i guess he will get used to it in time. How about you? What is the shade of lipstick that is perfect for you?
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• India
24 Jul 08
Can you believe it? They stopped manufacturing the only shade I had ever felt right! Had to switch over to lipgloss after that.
@deem1977 (242)
• United States
22 Jul 08
I think it is important to try to figure out what shades of lipstick look best on you. Personally, I find that pink and peachy-pink shades seem to suit me best. I think that in the evening or when I am wearing certain clothing, a red lipstick looks good on me also. I think, however, that we should remember to keep trying new shades because sometimes we are surprised. For example, I recently had my makeup done at a makeup counter and they put a copper lipstick with an amber gold lipgloss over it on me. It looked really good. When I expressed surprise, the sales associate mentioned that this particular copper lipstick actually had a lot of pink undertone to it as opposed to gold or orange, which I found to be quite interesting. Also, I think that it is important to try new colors and shades because as we age, our "best look" may change over time. After all, the best look for a 16 year old is not necessarily the best look for a 66 year old, even when we are only talking about lipstick.
@lazeebee (5466)
• Malaysia
21 Jul 08
Yup, Misshoney..choosing the right shade is very important, as we have to consider our skin tones as well. I've experimented with different shades, like you, and have found my favourite shades - dark rose, burnt caramel, darker colours with brownish tints. For dinners & functions, I'd try more adventurous colours like shades of red (though not the bright ones). Anyway, it's fun, shopping for the right shades, as there are so many new colours nowadays!