To Help Resolve A Big MyLot Issue Here For All.

United States
July 21, 2008 8:41am CST
We all enjoy coming here to MyLot to start/respond to discussions. I have noticed alot of people stateing different issues in a variety of topics on why MyLot is being so unfair. MyLot is not being unfair they have rules we are all have to abide by them when posting/responding. You should read them and become very fimilar with them befor starting/responding to any discussion in here. MyLot Admin works very hard to make this place a clean and fun place for us all to share our discussions. MyLot tries to moniter this site as much as they can but they need us to help keep on the look out for things as well. If you feel MyLot has done something that has made you unsure or mad you need to contact them ( MyLot Admin. ) and bring your issue to their attention and they will do the best they can to resolve it. Some of you say that MyLot dosn't respond to you when you go to them with an issue and or question. The reason being is because alot of your stated issues are already found in the rules and regulations section of MyLot Q&A section. I know alot of you will most likely attack this post which is fine but I am trying to help alot of you out that seem to have this problem. I want to see everyone have fun in here and not get in trouble for breaking the smple rules of MyLot. So please instead of you comeing to us about this please either see to the rules in the MyLot Q&A section again or contact MyLot Admin. for furter details and instructions. I can't state this enough in order to help you out. I wish you all the best of luck take care. :)
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