All gone and now I am starting up-need software information. Can you help me?

July 22, 2008 6:33am CST
Let´s start at the beginning which was an end... Two days ago, I wanted to create a backup CD for my PC. Thought it was time for it, because I couldn´t find my old one. And then the worse case happend during back up my PC crashed. So the whole system was gone- not back up cd there. Wandering through my household I found a lot of the old programs I had on my PC. And then I started to get all back. While writing this I am now having my Windowsxp on stand 2007 and I am stil uploadings these Service Pack . But- unfortunately I am missing a whole bunch of software right now. And -to make the case even more worse- it seems that this software is also gone in the internet. Right now I am looking for a freeware to convert the itunes songs into mp3 and a burner for it. So if anybody knows a good free one which is easy to handle, please give me the hint.
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