Napoleon will

November 4, 2006 4:09am CST
The Napoleon will full text cannot find, divides picks as follows ... ... I exhort me the son, surely do not have to forget, helives is the French crown princes, can become in no way oppresses inthe European people's Leader hand tool, also never must resist andharm France by any way. He must keep firmly in mind my place to havethe inscription: All for French people. I because suffer theexecutioner which the England oligarchy and its hires to plot tomurder prematurely but died, the French people sooner or later canrevenge for me. I therefore can be defeated, is because betrayal andso on my subordinate Mar Mongolia, Talleyrand is the result of. But Ihave made up mind to forgive them, hopes France the descendantdescendants also equally forgive them with me. ... ... (This section expressed has forgiven to England) My son should not only consider dies the matter for me whichrevenges. He should use this opportunity to have an achievement... ...Must do utmost the realization peace to rule a nation... ... I mustnot conquer Europe with the military force, but today must convincehim. Is willing me the son in the seed which broadcasts from me toemit the new bud; Causes on the French land all prosperity Factor vigorous developments. My son should be has the brand-new thought andthe dedication to work person, had to inherit and to develop mealready to obtain the magnificent achievement the enterprise. Renews people's thought with the law, establishes the new politicalpower organization in each place. The elimination feudalism isremaining, guarantor's dignity, the promotion economic boom, unifiesEurope by the stable federation form... ... (This section expressed to son hope) On April 14 and on 15th, Napoleon continues to account orallythe will, he decided divided into his 200 million francs property twohalf, one partly remains for from 1792 to 1815 once has fought underhis flag the military officer, another half piece donated in 1814 andin 1815 suffers the invasion French various provinces and cities." OnApril 16, Napoleon makes an effort forces the bed to write, hastranscribed this will. In May 4 day and night is Napoleon just before the end front last thenight. He does not stop groans, straight hits the yawn, appearsexceptionally painfully. He mutters: "Who in backlash... ... Armyleader... ... Charge... ... "this day night, on the island raised themost violent storm, the strong winds has pulled out the big tree, blewthe hut, vibrated the bright Wood villa. Next day, when the dawn hasilluminated the narrow and small room, the storm has subsided,Napoleon has been stiff the statue which like the identical placehorizontally lies, nearby the corner of the eye also is hangingteardrops. But, doctor also may trace the pulse which has oneremaining breath to his that. 5.50 PM, an artillery sound cut down theexpansive sky, the sunset mountain, Napoleon also stopped the breath.
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