How cool is MGS4

July 22, 2008 2:15pm CST
I haven't played Metal Gear Solid 4, but then the game is so cool!!! It even drove sales in Japan, it's like massive. So overwhelming. Even at looking at previous trailers you'll see that the game is truly an art. And when I see it being demo-ed at a fave convention, I am totally amazed on the way it looked. Very nice game. I hope those who already played the game would give me some juice. I want to learn more about game designing.
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• United States
27 Jul 08
Its is a pretty amazing game. but one thing should be known: if you havent played through Parts 1,2,3 the game will make absolutely no sense. Ive beaten the entire series and there were even parts that i had a tough time following. But the story is so dense and compelling. Really if you are already familar with the games it is a must play.
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• Philippines
27 Jul 08
Yes, I know it'll make no sense. The world of Metal Gear is really vast, so huge that it has it's own Wiki. Wow, you actually played 1, 2 and 3? I envy you, the PS2 of mine broke so I wasn't able to play 2 and finish 3. 1 was an amazing experience. So much that I'm actually playing another walkthrough just to refresh myself. I downloaded 2 for the PC in hopes to play the game and pick up the story so I can understand 4 a little. The 4 was a sequel to the 2, while 3 is a prequel. I hope they release a game to fill the gap between 2 and 4. Well, thanks for the response. FINALLY, after 5 days of stagnation someone responded! I'll give you a best response for that my friend. Thanks.