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July 22, 2008 2:18pm CST
I have a 13 month old daughter.I have breastfed her since she was born. I have been trying to break her for about two weeks but it just ain't happening . She still doesn't eat alot of whole foods.And she isn't crazy about whole milk or juice. Every now and then she will take a sippy cup but usually wants to drink out of a regular glass like me. I breastfed my son and he pretty much broke hisself from nursing. But with her it is more difficult. I am more concerned about her getting the nourishment that she needs.Everyone one in my family says she needs to be broke but I don't want to do it to soon.I just want whats best for her.Bed time and when she gets sleepy is when she wants to nuse the most or if she gets hurt. It is so hard to take away the one thing that she wants the most.Anyone have any advice.
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24 Jul 08
I nursed all four of my children. Unfortunately I didn't have what it takes to make any longer than 6 months with any of them. I do have a friend who is also a Dula, she doesn't ween her children. Last I knew she still did night time feedings for her youngest who is over 2 years. I don;t think there is anything wrong with it. AS long as you continue to introduce the big kids and encourage her to continue to develop. Your milk is the very best nutrition available for her, and she will move on when she's ready.
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23 Jul 08
I heard that you can nurse until the age of 2. I wouldn't stress out over it. Just keep offering "big kid" food and try to just nurse before bed time. Just slowly take it away from her. I have a 2 month baby boy and he wouldn't latch onto me so I have been pumping every 2 hours since he was about 2 weeks old. That's alot of work! I think if I was educated in the hospital and had help then I probably would of been ok. But I know now for next time. Have you talk to her dr or yours to get any advice?
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22 Jul 08
My advice is to keep nursing her. Your baby knows what she needs better than anyone in your family. Don't listen to them. Did she have some magical transformation on her 1st birthday that made her nutritional needs completely different? No, of course not. Just keep introducing "big kid" food and drinks and nurse her when she needs it. Eventually she will want to be moe independant and will ween herself. My youngest is over 20 months old and still nurses along with eating and drinking from sippies like a normal toddler. You milk is still good for her so you should let her have it and not worry what other people say.