split personality

July 22, 2008 3:21pm CST
There's few things in life that set me off into utter indignation, i'm usually a fair minded easy going person who says what she means to aviod confusion etc But......when i'm behind the wheel of my car, its like i'm someone else, short tempered and bad mouthed, i hate it, yet this alter ego takes over like the incredible hulk, how about you guys? is there something thats sets of your not so pleasant side? doesn't have to be driving..............
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@Hatley (163859)
• Garden Grove, California
9 Aug 09
hi twilight hatley here. when I am subjected to someone elses quarreling in a public place when I cannot easily leave. I want to shout for heavens sakes take that home or else 'out of our hearing. I dont want to know about your marital problems or how you hate each other. I have several times told the disputing people that they were causing me indigestion so take your quarrel outside please.
22 Jul 08
I think i know what you are talking about when your driving as i have experienced it myself lol. But for me i would have to say it happens to me when someone tries to overtake me on something that i am doing, At work for example when i am happy proceeding with my work when my co worker decides that they are going to take over. Or when i am doing paper work at home and my partner tells me that i should do it this way or that way. I find that frustrating. We run a small business from home and my partner always knows a better way but it's always me that has to do the work!!!