School Holidays

July 22, 2008 4:03pm CST
My Children break up from school tomorrow for nearly 6 weeks, I was thinking today about the things that i can do to try and keep them entertained as we know that this is along time off from school and the children get bored. Have you got any great idea's to keep the children entertained in their summer holidays from school?
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@littleone3 (2063)
23 Jul 08
I know how difficult it is to keep children entertain during the summer holidays i have five to keep amused its not so bad with my elder ones who are 15 and 16. But its different with the younger ones who are 11,7 and 2. Have you got any museums near you i know that alot of them are free entry now. I took my children to the National History museum and the Science museum in London and they loved it. How about a picnic thats if the weather nice lets face it living in Britian you can't guarantee that. Or maybe a day out at the seaside my children just love the beach.
24 Jul 08
Ahh that sounds great. What was the museums like? I did not think of that so many thanks for responding and i hope that you all will have a great summer
@o2bnocn (2992)
• United States
22 Jul 08
My sisters are out right now for the summer. They have been out since around June 15. They go back in the beginning of September. My one sister is 15 and she doesn't get bored too quick. My other sister is 7 and she gets kind of bored quick. Especially if it is too hot to go outside and play with her friends. Mostly this summer she has went outside and played with her friends, she really enjoys doing that. We were gonna try and get her a small pool to play in but I don't know now. If you have a dollar store where you live you could go there and buy a bunch of activities for them to do. We have two dollar stores here. One store has everything for a dollar and the other one is a little higher but they have cheap things also. We got her a slip n slide from on the stores. So lately we have been letting her play on that from time to time. We just watch how long they do it because of the water, it will run up the bill. We also got her a cheap bike and a scooter. So I guess you could try picking up cheap activities for them to do here and there. Even if it is something small. My sister likes to draw so we will pick her up notebooks and art crafts occasionally.
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24 Jul 08
That is a wonderful idea thank you, That has given me a few great suggestions Many thanks again and i hope that you all will enjoy your summer
@Anne18 (11029)
7 Sep 08
Our children went back to school last week after six weeks off school. We had a lovely six weeks and did loads of lovely thnigs, holiday away, football school. Riding bikes swimming , art and craft, garden. We found somethnig to do everyday and I can say that I 90% enjoyed the summer holidays. The house was so quite when they went back to school. They were pleased to see all there friends and like there new teachers.