What will you do to long last your relationship?

July 23, 2008 1:00am CST
In my case i dont know how to do that as long as i show to them i care ,,, as long as i can give i share.. thats why thier telling me i dont have feelings to notice if that person still like what i do. what about you?
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• Sweden
11 Aug 08
Me and my husband been lovers for 3 months,his been my fiance for almost 1 year and 7 months and we been living together for almost 1 year now.I think to have a relationship that last longer is when you love each other,understanding and trust i think that the three important to have a strong relationship.Sometimes we dont expect what happen like for example being separate i think that only trials to a relationship to make stronger.Just dont give up easily,relationship is not only happiness you felt to be hurt or to be taking for granted.
@mizzk1 (56)
• United States
23 Jul 08
I would just keep an open relationship.
• India
23 Jul 08
I suppose love and affection plays an important role in building relationship. The third most important concreating object is being trustworthiness of one over another. So, try to be faithful and caring to the person with whom you want to develop a relationship. I shower my love and the relation grows but with time.
• Philippines
23 Jul 08
To long last? Well, just be true to each other, one must understand and must adjust if necessary. Note: Someone who understand the situation will be the one to adjust. The most important to maintain a relationship is you have to maintain your feeling towards your partner. You have to deal your problems in a good way and meaningful conversation. . .one must accept his/her fault and set aside the pride.
@heart4u (409)
• Philippines
23 Jul 08
be honest with one another
@magojordan (3254)
• Philippines
23 Jul 08
Well they say that the secret is simple in making a relationship last for a very long time. The only thing you have to do is to make yourself and your partner fall in love again with each other just like when you first realized that you are in love with each other. It means that maintaining a relationship is just a matter of keeping things just like they were in the beginning but at the same time letting it grow to face the challenges of the real life