what is your most bothersome habit?

@desireeo (595)
July 23, 2008 2:06am CST
i'm a big procastinator. when this habit of mine kicks in i just wanna do nothing all day. my mom is very hardworking. guess, i got this genes from my dad. see how bad i'm caught with this habit? i didn't finish school coz of it. i flunked too many subjects. to my eternal embarrassment. but there are days when the adrenaline rushes in and i get these many ideas in my head and actually act upon them..this habit gravitates towards laziness. good thing i have a daughter to take care of so i really have to push myself to step up to be able to attend to her needs...i also have a problem with punctuality. i'm always late. well, was always late coz right now whenever there's an important date i try to get ready ahead of everybody else so that i will have plenty of time to fix myself and work on everything that needs to be readied...how bout you?
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@alpha7 (1910)
• France
23 Jul 08
I used to have a very bad habit but i think the habit had to dissapear when trouble came.It used to be talking for too long on telephone,long conversation. I am happy now,atleast
@desireeo (595)
• Philippines
23 Jul 08
it's good you didn't burn your ear...:)