how do you like to be rich and famous?

@zeny_zion (1284)
July 23, 2008 2:38am CST
i want to experience that. hopefully it will come. i want to experience how to be super rich. i can buy whatever i want. have a big house. a new car. shopping and tour around the world. whatever i want i can do it easily because i have a lot of money. hahahaha
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• Singapore
2 Sep 08
I want to be rich but not famous, if you are rich and famous. It would be dangerous,every one would know you and they will try to kidnap you for some ranson.
• Canada
2 Mar 11
I agree about the rich but not famous. Rich to me would be having freedom to do some things that I have done but cannot afford now that I would return to. At one time this was my passion. But, due to making wrong career decisions pertaining to it as a vocation. It became an expensive hobby. As for famous. That would mean more complications than what it is worth to me.
• Philippines
23 Jul 08
Wow! If I would be rich and famous, I couldn't ask for more since I'm already happy with my family. Yeah, I would shop also til I drop!