This always happens to me.

July 23, 2008 8:16am CST
sorry if i've choice the wrong point to post the discussion but i think the thinkers are the best place to put it after all they are thinkers and should understand me. answers some discussion i'm start asking myself "Why this even happen me?" the last one was about "you smile in photos ID?" i start remember some things happens me. when i've going to take my ID i cant do anything! everything should be perfect cant smile, look to the horizon, sleeve reaching the forearm... and one girl later take a photo smile and sleeve by the shoulders. but this is just one thing! everything need happens me! everybody take that way when i take i fall, when go to the bathroom there is no more hygienics paper, always drop some insect in my food, be in a rain of bullets and i have no doubt i will be the only shoted ¬¬ but know i ask this only happens always with me? here is somebody with the same problem? xD this could be a little weird but if u take all this is really funny "Man, this always happens to me!"
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