stop paying taxes??? what would happen???

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July 23, 2008 1:18pm CST
What would happen if everybody decided that they were no longer going to have taxes taken out of their paychecks but instead pay it at tax time instead. What would the government do if we didn't let them borrow and invest and make money off our money every pay period.
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1 Aug 08
I'm trying to figure out how you think they invest our money...We have a 9 trillion dollar debt. I don't think they invest it anywhere. They spend and spend. If they didn't take money for taxes, I would have money to save myself.
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23 Jul 08 ill tell ya what not everyone pays taxes. and its legal!!! go to go to yahoo groups look up ucc redemption, tea party, there are a few anyways they will tell you how you can legitly not pay taxes get out of a bill, bypass law, use law against itself etc etc. good luck there a smart group of individuals who can guide you darn there anywhere in the world when it comes to beating the system.!!