When your on the phone with your bf what are a few things you talk about??

July 23, 2008 8:48pm CST
me and my boyfriend are always on the phone and have nuthing to talk about and it gets boring because he always starts the convo and when he tells me to say something im stuck so i want to know what can i talk about that can at least last a couple hours......
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• United States
30 Aug 08
The two of us have that problem sometimes. We are so used to being with each other in person, that we aren't very good at talking on the phone or talking online. We both attend colleges that are quite a distance to one another, so when I'm away at school, we do tend to talk on the phone more often just so we can hear the sound of each other's voices. It's hard for us to be apart for long periods at a time.
@CopyPaper (229)
• Philippines
16 Aug 08
My boyfriend and I always talked on the phone for about an hour everyday. We are employed on the same company but his office is relocated so we need to communicate everyday. Our conversation is all about what are the things happened on that day. And exchanging "I LOVE YOU" always made me feel whole. And that would start reminiscing the days he courted me. It make both of us giggled.
@kissie34 (2295)
• Philippines
24 Jul 08
Almost every night, me and my boyfriend are always talking on the cell phone since we are far from each other.. Sometimes, we don't have a topic to talk so we just had to end the conversation... Actually, I am always the one who talks.. I usually talked to him about what was the things had happened at my work.. All the new experiences that I had learned and sometimes I used to read some articles in the internet that is interesting to discuss with him.. Just talked anything that you can think...
@app3ls (63)
• Malaysia
24 Jul 08
you can talk anything you think of? maybe about your work? your encounter for the day? what you think of the encounter? how you feel about it? about your colleagues and friends? or conversations between you & your friends and ask about his opinions? then, see if any of your topic trigger your memory to your past experiences that you can share with him... or anything you read from magazines or newspaper which is interesting and you can discuss with him?
• China
24 Jul 08
Hehe, sometimes,you don't need to talk with him, just heard his voice which is so enough!