What is your favorite food?...

July 24, 2008 12:16am CST
What is your favorite food that you always wanted to eat? What makes this food different from other food?
2 responses
24 Jul 08
i wanted to eat vegetables because i m vegetarian.Quesiton arises in our mind that why poeple eat vegetable but not a chicken,meat and etc. Dear reason behind is vegetable gives vitimans and there is not any side effect.It gives to control on angerness.With the vegetable we become healthy and look likes a smart.there are many more reason about liking of vegetables that is why i want to eat.
• Philippines
25 Jul 08
me too..i love vegetables...but i'm not a vegetarian because i eat meat,chiken and fish..
• Pakistan
28 Jul 08
It is a good habit to eat vegetables as you can't get mad cow and bird flue deaseses. Furhter more meat is getting expensive day by day and its hard to afford and eat evry day. But i guess eating once a week would be good enough unless you are a pure vegetarian.
• China
24 Jul 08
The rice, I like best which taste so good and could match so much dishes, you know ,almost Asian could not live without rice!
• Philippines
24 Jul 08
yeah..like me..i can't live a day without it..at least once..