what is the mean of the star,it's mean rank?

July 24, 2008 1:26am CST
The star gave me a surprise yesterday,because my star changed color,but I have a question,i don't know what the star is?what effect to me?Can it increase my price of post?who can explain it?
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• Japan
24 Jul 08
Hello zhaosonghan! I'll give you a summary to answer your queries. What is that star beside my name? The star you see beside your name is your myLot Reputation indicator. You will see it once you made one hundred (100) posts or more. It just tells you or your readers how your discussions and posts were rated by myLot users. Inherently, it tells us how well you make good and quality post, responses or comments (could be an informative response, well said response, or you just made someone smile or laugh, sort of like that). How to increase you reputation? Your reputation is determined by how many myLotters rated your discussion positive. Each discussion has rating buttons (the plus and minus buttons) after every post. If someone rated your post positive (+), you reputation increases. Similarly, if someone rated your post negative (-), your reputation decreases. To increase your reputaion, you should post quality topics, discussions and comments! What can it do? It is just an indicator. There is no particular entry in myLot FAQs which relate our earnings and our myLot Reputation. You can read more on FAQs link below the page on User Rating and myLot Reputation entry. By the way, you can brag about it! lol Hope this answers your questions.
• China
24 Jul 08
thank you! i understand!