Drama Mamas

United States
July 24, 2008 2:36am CST
So this is a poem.And Yes I do write poetry I just may not post alot.Because Iunno.I don't like people readin my things.I gusse I'm scared they will judge me.But Honestly They are about how I feel inside.Beause On the outside.I don't act how I feel.Most people realise this.So newayz to the Poem=). DRAMA MAMAS So today is the day she woke up and stoped carein. Because theres nothin in this world but drama anymore. I just can't go through all the problems anymore. With the yelling and Fighting and getting in to trouble. Loosing friends is whatever.Because their mainly part of the drama. Late night phone calls crying and whining.Drama is what it's all about. It's not giving up.It's just simply not careing.
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@spoiled311 (5502)
• Philippines
24 Jul 08
hi kola beah! well, you write well. continue writing so that you can hone your craft better. who knows where your poetry will lead you? :) *wink* *wink* and do record all your poems! anyway, i just want to wish you all the best in your endeavors. oh i noticed that you are new here. well, welcome to mylot. keep on mylotting/ good day and God bless you! :) take care dear!
• United States
24 Jul 08
Hi Spoiled.Yes I am new here.Thnx for wlcomeing me.My mom says my poetry is good and that I should continue writing.And letting other people read it to.So I guseeI owe this all to her. And thanks for encouragin me.
@rytnlxm (310)
• China
24 Jul 08
You are so right!Just Today,I act in my own life,hided my mind behind the smile.I think I have to adjust myself to the true life.It is a great progress for me,because one month ago,before I graduated,I always act how my feel.But now I have been a employee,I found my colleague always hide their feeling deeply.Life is a drama,I will try my best to act the role people want to see.Sorry for bearing my terrible English.