A Guy with Another Relationship and Another Relationship...

July 24, 2008 4:40am CST
A guy has a wife and they have 2 children. As time pass by, the guy had another relationship with another woman. And of course it cause the wife and the husband to separate but not legally anulled. However, the guy still supports his first family.The husband and the other woman live together away from the wife's town. And as expected the "forbidden relationship" bore another 2 children. Then, eventually for a reason, this relationship failed. The guy returned to the town of the wife, but they live separately and now, he is supporting two of his family. ANd at present, he again had another relationship with another woman. In my view, on the first place he came to be irresponsible. Irresponsible in a way that he was not been contented of having one wife. And if there are reasons such as unresolvable differences,then he should have settled on that. He just created another mess when he put himself to another relationship and another relationship. Is he lack love? Is he need love? He should be learning something of what happen on the first event but i think until now he doesnt. He keeps on repeating the same mistake. When will he learn? When his children add up to dozen? whew... When will he stop looking and searching? Love is something worth waiting. Maybe its ok to look and search if he is not married or married but divorced or anulled. I think that its also hard for the children to see thier father on this manner.What do you think?
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@spalladino (17921)
• United States
24 Jul 08
I think this guy is very immature and should be neutered so he can't produce any future children who will be hurt by his irresponsibility. The situation you described is very hard on the children and, if this guy continues to have more relationships and more children, he's only going to spread the hurt farther.
• Philippines
25 Jul 08
The most affected here are the children. Given the situation, in a way i find him responsible on other aspect. He still support the children in their needs basically studies. It is his duty. However, even though he met his children's needs, he will not hold or know thier feelings. And that is MORE IMPORTANT. The children's feeling.