What is the best way to send a frozen item to someone? Have you ever sent or

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July 24, 2008 4:53am CST
received a frozen item to someone? Years ago, back when I had lots of money, I bought frozen Buffalo steaks. The company had their own truck. So when I called, they just sent their truck from the midwest to me. Told me what my minimum order was, etc. I have lots of jewelweed. That stuff is usually frozen after picking (wilts like crazy because it's a swamp plant, must be processed and frozen right away). I'm interested in selling it, but most people that want it don't live in my area (it's growing almost like Kudzu up here, so no market here, people can get it for free). So I was just wondering, since I don't have a truck or big business, what ways people have sent/received frozen items. What way do you think would be best? I don't even know which companies have freezer trucks. Does UPS? Fed-ex? DHS? Mail boxes, etc? What way would be best to send something frozen? I wonder if they have all different rules for shipping? Have you ordered/received something frozen? How did it get to you?
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24 Jul 08
Ups is expensive, DHl is non existant and Fed Ex is keeping up with fed ex in cost your CHEAPEST way honestly is to use the UNITED STATES POSTAL SERVICE. i dont know how much your planning on sending but if you could pack a cooler and put dry ice in it USPS(united states postal service) gaurantees it in 3 days. a cooler with packed frozen items and dry ice will last three days in travel. another way is by calling your local air port however i did hear now they are charging extra for baggage but it wouldnt hurt to get info if they have a flight going that way they could take the package (cooler large box etc) and your friend or family can pick it up when it arrives at the destination. another option is a bus like greyhound or trailways if they have a route going to the location in which its being sent they can and sometimes will take larger packages to get it to the destination and the family or friend would just go to the bus stop to pick it up. hope this helps--
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@writersedge (22579)
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28 Jul 08
DH something goes by my house sometimes, I just can't remember the third letter. 3 days with dry ice. Seems like taking a chance to me. You certainly did explore all the options including air ways and buses. Thanks.