Reverse Racism from a South African's eyes

South Africa
July 24, 2008 8:15am CST
Hello all, I am a white South African.Years ago the whites ruled the Country and wrongfully dominated cultures.I myself voted against this policy as it was not right. To put things in persoective -now 14 years after democracy the following is were we are as White South Africans. 1/ I have a 14 year old son that knows nothing about racism but he wont be able to find employment in a few years as he is white. 2/You have the very rich Blacks on the one hand and the very poor blacks on the other hand.The very rich black people look down on the very poor and will not help them. 3/Any white person aged over 35 will find it very hard to find a job should he be retrenched-no matter what he's qualifications. 4/white people in general is treated like scum-whether you were part of the apartheid or not-purely based on colour. 5/Goverment officials are 99.9 percent non white and corruption is rife. In fact should any Goverment official be caught out for stealing he will not lose his post ,quite the contrary he might get promoted. And so it goes on-What is you feeling on all of this?
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• United States
25 Jul 08
racial issues disturb me. i don't like hearing about them because i want things to be fair. the world is hard enough without people being against people for no good reason. the thing is racism is just an excuse. cause when i grew up in my hometown we were all white. but they'd pick on some people for no good reason. they just wanted to. and every race fights within itself. there are always people who want to do wrong to another.
• South Africa
28 Jul 08
You are so right.I do not always understand this racial tension that exist within the time before apartheid was done away with I landed in many a fight to protect the rights of black people being attacked.However now I do not know if the cause for fighting this was right.As I have said corruption, disregard for the legal system and the enrichment of the selected few is just some of the issues that disturbs my Wa.