Your Last Supper

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August 21, 2006 3:22pm CST
If you had a full day's time to eat three meals (breakfast-lunch-dinner;w/dessert) what would it be if you new it would be your last?? Mine would be: Breakfast -One Super Deluxe from Mickey D's w/ a large OJ from Minute Maid no pulp. -3 eggos with strawberry that I made w/ Aunt Jemima's syrup -followed by 3 assortment of cookies of Maria's original, Mrs. Fileds (inc. Macadenia, sugar butter) and three Xmas cookies from Jewel. (A bell, a star and a tree all green) - Washdown (Large Chocalte Milk w/ cinnamon) Appetizers -Bowl of Spicy Chicken Wings from Hooters -Cheese sticks with sauce from Red Lobster -Ceasar Salad with French Dressing over from (Olive Garden) Dinner -3 Taco dinners (one from comales w/beef) (one from Lalos w/ cow tongue) and (one homemade of birria) - Steak dinner with mash potatoes and fries from Mattsons - Orchata for the tacos -Pink Lemonade for the Steak - and Sangria liquor dor the washdown. Dessert - Vanilla Ice Cream with peanuts and stawberries over from Mattsons -2 pieces of cheese cake home made. A large cup of coffee cream and sugar, w/ cinnamon Snacks -Dollar bag of Flaming Hot Cheetos -Snickers Chocolate Bar (reg. size). - Large Lime Slurpee - 4 Reeses Pieces - A bag of gummie bears - Mango Twist from Dunkin Donuts - A bag of Popcorn from Pop-Secret, -Pelon Mexican candy -A caprisun with blue straw -A bag of Tostadas -A blowpop with gum in the center -A paleta de limon and one of vanilla and peaunuts.
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@Willowlady (10665)
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8 Jan 07
buffet  - to end my last day on earth with prior knowledge it would end at Ryan's or Fire Mountain, some of them have changed their names.  Food is excellent and a perfect ending
Ok, this morning would be pancakes, sausage, hash browns, and syup of course with a big Orange Juice and a glass of milk. Lunch would be a large salad with tuna. Then chicken noodle soup. Great loaf of bread and sweet butter. Top lunch off with a french vanilla milkshake. For my final dinner that would have to be a stop at Ryans! salad, chicken, ham, beef, honeyed carrots, mashed potatoes and gravy, corn, green beans, broccoli, whole wheat rolls and honey butter, iced tea and for dessert it would be chocolate and vanilla twist ice cream with chocolate sauce, butterscotch sause and whipped cream. That is if that was to be my last day.