What is your favorite brand of desktop computers?

July 24, 2008 9:37am CST
what is your favorite brand of computers ? Well mine is HP is going with storebought, i prefer building my own, they tend to perform better and you can overclock them more safely ( IN REASON) I have a 2.3ghz (was 1.8) that is for sale at my uncles shop i built, It has an awesome case that looks like a lincoln Navigator in the front, Blue LED in the headlights, and i replaced some of the metal with plexiglass. I put a 200gb hard drive in it, along with a 20gb (for recovery) it has a Ge Force 9600 GT (1gb) Video card, It supports every minichip ie, sd, micro sd, sonystick duo, and the screen is a 17" Hp flat panel monitor. That was one of my projects this year but I like to get new thing. You know keep it fresh, i get bored easily.
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