Have you ever seen the romance of any animals

@naha123 (1266)
November 4, 2006 6:18am CST
Romance is common to all. so do you ever seen a romance seen of any anmals?
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• Janesville, Wisconsin
9 Dec 06
Yes, I have cats that used to make it a ritual to mate outside my bedroom window... So I would turn the flash light on to see what was going on out there and discover mating kitties and spray them through my screen with a water bottle... naughty puddy cats... Then go to sleep then wake up to the site of hawks... Next I know What I thought was a single hawk diving to the ground looking like it was going to hit the ground split apart in two and flew around circling eachother... I thought wow.. what a way to mate.. glad I am not a hawk lol... I'd hit the ground!... I was wandering through the woods, and seen cranes doing the unison dance together.. I was a child about 4 feet tall looking at these 5 foot birds doing their mating ritual I of course as a child did not know what it was but was captivated by the dance and calls... Later when I watched a National Geographic special on Sandhill cranes is when I learned what those dancing birds were doing... And Last but not least. I'd be walking home, and one of my stupid cats would wander into the road. So I would go in and get them out then wave to the car in thanks for stopping, and then, another cat... sometimes the cats would try to mate then and their, and if that was not enough after I chased the tom to one side of the road and queen to the other thanking the motorist for being patient of my animals, and then realised they are pointing and laughing as one of my English Shepards sitting on my feet and well all three of them on eachother ugga... Yep.. My Dogs... Did this routine to this woman twice! .... Funny how my dogs used to never do this any other time, other then when company showed up.... Embarassing critters...:) . But at least it was humerous.. to make fun of. So yeah I have seen a little more romance than I cared to see at times, but other times it is sweet, other times, It's like Where did I put the hose or the water bottle..:) - DNatureofDTrain