hate alonso??

July 25, 2008 12:39am CST
how many anti-fans of alonso here? how many of u think he is nothing but a cry-baby (rememebr his one season at mclaren?) who can occasionally drive a car?? i personally don't like him much, but i still respect his driving skills, considering what he has done with the renault team this year
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• India
25 Jul 08
michael schumacher was the only man in the circuit. after e is gone, it is just a rat race between the puny boys. i am now least interested in their antics. for me, f1 seems to have ended. i do not exactly hate alonso but i do not like him either. presently if vijay mallaya's team does something, it will boost the morale of f1 in india.
• Oxford, England
25 Jul 08
I absolutely agree with painkiller about Michael. When he retired, Formula 1 had nothing to offer me any more and I still find it hard to watch a whole race without getting bored. Having enjoyed many priveledges through an F1 team owner, I can honestly say that Schuey is the most decent driver I have ever met. He is completely unlike the way the media portray him, and the sport is the worse without him. Fernando? Who's he?
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@sirrob (4112)
• Philippines
25 Jul 08
force india is still a newbie and even how much they'll do with their machine it's still a long way run to make a podium and that if they could. no offense but i just can't see it happening if ferrari, mclaren, renault and BM. and for alonso, he just want to win all the time without contemplating that there are other drivers too that have at par or higher skills than he has.
• India
26 Jul 08
if that is what he thinks as winning, then maybe alonso needs a servicing of his head and some engine oil to be poured into his brains.
• India
2 Aug 08
Yes for the fact i also dont like him to for his arrogance....but looking at the other side he has the right to be arrogant.....in history it will be written that renault and alonso ended the schumi and ferrari regin....whatever problems ferrari had will no be noticed......and he has the right to be arrogant.....and what will we do if we are a double world champion and a rookie is given equal status like u.....i might do the same...no matter how talented he is or what he is in the making....But u have to respect him.....he is called the bravest driver in F1..putting up a fight in a car that is no where his potential...people say hamilton is schumi in the making....i say alonso graph is more like schumi if u see carefully...if he is in demand it is not like that....hamilton is today in a flying car...what when the car starts to struggle..alonso ..kimi..have learnt it to push every race no matter how many times they fall....learnt that kimi might retire from ferrari....if alonso joins in ...F1 might become more spectacular again
• Pakistan
25 Jul 08
Yes, Regarding his driving skills he is a better driver, but i dont like him because of his attitude. I remember last season, his behaviour with his fellow driver Hamilton was embarissing.