Had you ever said sorry to your father?

@ck3259 (248)
July 25, 2008 4:16am CST
For male, its hard to say sorry to father. When i was young, i made mistake and father punished me. I'm cried and very sad at that moment. But few hours later, i can totally forgot what was happen just now. I have try to say sorry, but dunno why i'm not brave to split the words "sorry". Hard to make it. If i make mistake now, and i feel sorry to my dad. I will say sorry.. will you???
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@jaffna (778)
• India
10 Aug 08
ma father had been with me for 17 years...he haven't scolded me a single word so for..he encouraged me in my way with his advice like a friend which made him ma role model of ma life,very nice man..likewise,i've never been given a chance to say sorry to him..three days before cardiac arrest ruled him,he wished to see me since i was in hostel staying away from home doing ma bachelors..i said him that i will come after a week..but unfortunately he was no more after three days...when i heard this,i regretted for disobeying him else i would have seen him alive before his exit..that was a situation when i wish to say him "sorry" without his presence..
@reckon21 (3484)
• Philippines
27 Jul 08
For me lot's of times. I always say sorry to him because i don't want him to be angry at me. I love my father so much that's why if i made mistake i admit it and apologize.
@sabahking (416)
27 Jul 08
i find hard to say sorry to my father because my father always will forgive me what iam doing wrong.So i do not have chance to say sorry and i not dare to say sorry to him.
• Kuwait
25 Jul 08
i agree with you my friend that saying soory to your father is very hard...but i think it should be done some how...it happened to me a few weeks ago...i wanted to say sorry from my heart but could not say it in front of him...i did say but the communication was thru a mobile after i left his room...i donno if it was right but he instantly replied me and accepted my appology...maybe he also knows how hard it is.