What is it with Bux.to??

July 25, 2008 7:25am CST
Everytime I click on an ad lately, once the counter has finished, instead of giving me a tick, it just says not logged in!!! It doesn't matter which ad either & I am logged in otherwise I wouldn't be able to click the ads :( Strange huh??
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• Canada
28 Aug 09
That happens to me too, sometimes. I just log out, if I'm not already, and re-log in, do everything again, and it works fine. I know this discussion is over a year old, but it's probably happened to someone else again by now. LOL Have a nice day.
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• Australia
29 Aug 09
i had forgotten about this discussion lol but you are right, there will be someone out there wanting to know the same thing. I also find that just refreshing the screen will help too.