Newspaper misspells own name on front page!!

July 25, 2008 8:17am CST
American newspaper Valley News has set a new media standard for spelling mistakes, somehow managing to misspell its own name on its front page masthead. The New Hampshire tabloid called itself the 'Valley Newss' on July 21 in a remarkable blunder. I know many of you have come across this news, but my point is have you any time made some mistakes, that went unnoticed.. as you think that you have just finished a perfect job,.. with a picture of concentration.!! Any such thing.. To start with i have made a mistake like this some time back in my office, i drafted a letter to a customer seeking the pending requirements in the issue of the policy, and got the same approved from my superior,..and even got a pat.. very good draft.. and posted the letter.. The next day the mail man delivered me a letter.. thinking that it was a good and fast response from the customer.. i received the letter from the mail man.. to my shock.. i got the same letter, that which i posted yesterday. The reason is, i wrote my office address on the cover, instead of the customers address.. [em]thumbdown[/em!
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@baileycows (3668)
• United States
25 Jul 08
That is funny! But we all make mistakes. Hey! But isn't this a nice way to get every ones attention. I bet more people with know about The Hampshire Tabloid now.
• India
25 Jul 08
Thank you baileycows for responding..
@secretbear (19463)
• Philippines
15 Sep 08
hi saiven! that's very funny. how could you misspell your own name? in that case, the newspaper's own name. the one who made the mistake probably was getting less sleep. ^__^;; i was getting less sleep too when i made a mistake on a document i typed for my boss. i doubled type a phrase, and i didn't even notice it even after double checking the document before printing. ^__^;; i was embarrassed when my boss returned the printed document to me and she crossed out the error.
@faith210 (11233)
• Philippines
25 Jul 08
Hi saivenkaat802003! That is a great blunder for that newspaper and I know that newspapers have editors and proof readers in their midst so things like this will be avoided somehow. I guess, in your case, maybe you have so much in your mind or maybe, you were in so much in a hurry that you have committed this mistake of writing your office address instead of the customer's. haha..Don't worry, I make mistakes similar to that. And I don't want to enumerate them here for you might not recover from laughing so hard with my errors. haha.. Take care and God Bless you always!
25 Jul 08
it is funny that the newspaper got it wrong but the realy should of checked