@shamzy18 (2319)
July 25, 2008 9:25am CST
hey whats so good about tmobile ?? the other networks such as vodaphone offer free weekends text and minuites when you use 5pound during the weekdays O2 has many offers but gives you 300 texts a month orange also gives you 300 texts a month and other offers but my question is what does tmobile offer ?? i heard that you can get unlimited texts and call for 5pound but how do you get that ? is that to any network ? ive just got freinds on tmobile and ive got a sim so i thought i might top it up but just want to know about the offers available.. thanks for your time reading
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@sk66rc (4257)
• United States
25 Jul 08
I have blackberry through tmobile myself... I'm not sure about your country but here in U.S, I'm paying $116 a month for having unlimited everything... Voice calling, any type of messaging, pictures, text, emails & etc... Also unlimited internet access... Pricing is not that bad for what I'm using it for... I'm pretty sure I can dig up a cheaper ones but I do travel a lot & some service providers that are cheaper didn't work in places I travel to... My phone works in most of the places I goto & also it has wifi capability that allows me to make & receive a call through open wireless routers over the internet... Comes in very handy when I'm staying over at different hotels or motels because most of them offer free wireless internet access for free... So even if the area I goto doesn't have service, hotels that my company is holding a meeting does have free wireless router service so I can always make & receive a call...