are you satisfied with ur life..???

@aengra4 (363)
July 25, 2008 11:39am CST
hi, we all have a different experience towards life..some of them have a positive experience , they r living their life happily,,while there r some other persons who have a bad experience towards the has been a mercy to them.. for me ..i got whatever i want in my life..i have settled my family and in a good position today.. what abt u?? r u satisfied with ur life...
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@sunkissed (4331)
• United States
25 Jul 08
aengra, Well I can not really say that I am satisfied with my life.It could be much better than it is.I am 56 years old my children are both grown now and I have 2 beautiful grandchildren that I love more than anything in the world.But I live alone and I get quit bored and lonely at times. I worked since I was young made good money, but I became disabled when I was 34 years old. I have been disabled for 22 years. I am on social security disability, barly can pay my bills each month.I know I am blessed, but things still could be better too.
@aengra4 (363)
• India
25 Jul 08
sorry to read abt u..
@Daphers (141)
• Canada
25 Jul 08
I wish I could say that I feel completely satisfied with my life. In most aspects I am but I would really like to be living in a house, my own house, not a basement apartment. I also wish I made more money so I could get this house that I want so badly, lol. I guess these are just materialistic things... I am very greatful for my loved ones and family and for my health and well being. :)