I'm going to sleep, how about you?

July 25, 2008 5:35pm CST
Ok I think I had enough for the day. What time do you guys regularly sleep? I became hooked with PTCs and mylot. Ok going to rest now. Share your sleeping schedule guys, I'm gonna read that later. BTW GMT+8:00 here. Good day.
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@movicont (495)
• United States
26 Jul 08
Since it's summer right now, I can afford to sleep and get up late. Currently my sleep schedule ranges from 4am to 11am, giving me seven hours of sleep. Not much, but I can get by.
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• United States
25 Jul 08
I useally will peeter out about 12:30-1:00 AM and call it quits for the day and get up around 7-7:30AM. As long as I get in abot 6 to 7 hours of sleep I am useally pretty good to go for the day. I then will do my work on line then come here to MyLot and do discussions, run do some errands if need be then restart my whole process over again.
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@reckon21 (3484)
• Philippines
25 Jul 08
Goodnight or good day, which is which, i want you to have a sweet dreams. See you tomorrow.