@beeeckie (803)
United States
July 25, 2008 11:36pm CST
Does anyone have this issue? I don't want to call it a disease because it doesn't exactly destroy your life, though it can certainly impede many things. I developed tendonitis mainly in my right arm due to a retail job a few years ago. It set in very quickly when it happened -- literally overnight, my hand was fine, and when I woke up, my right hand was not working or responding to any actions I tried to take. Even worse, that weekend I was booked in for a yoga workshop, but I thought I had a pinched nerve, so I continued. Eventually I got a checkup and prednisone and a proper brace, but my employer was all trying to make me HIDE MY TENDONITIS even while I wore the brace, because he didn't want to look bad. Dude, retail = repetitive stress. Tendonitis happens. He should be so lucky I wasn't looking for compensation! I still get symptoms sometimes, my right wrist is still not what it used to be, and I sometimes worry about losing upper body strength. It's so common, though...
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@Pigglies (9335)
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23 May 09
I'm not sure if this works for the wrist, but someone where I work got a problem in their arm from repetitive motion. They went to a physical therapist for some stretches and apparently that helped them a lot. Something you might want to look into if you still have that problem. Hope it's better by now though considering it has been 11 months since you posted this!