Avril Lavigne will come to China, welcome!

July 26, 2008 2:17am CST
Avril lavigne, I think everyone knows her. A good singer, a music genius, her explosive strength is unique, her music is perfect. Every song is typical Rock&Roll, moving and forceful untrammelled. I enjoy the feeling in the busy work-time, sometimes I really want to relax like singing her song. It is so comfortable. Recently I hear she will come to China in October, I am very excited. I am sure to go to her concert no matter where she hold the concert. From the lastest news that she will hold six concerts in China, in BeiJing, ShangHai, ShenZhen, AoMen, LiJiang of YunNan Province and ChengDu of SiChuan Province repectively. I am a lucky girl because I am studying in ShangHai, go to her concert will be convenient, although the pay of the concert is a little expensive because I want to buy the seat in the front of the yard. The rare chance to see her clearly and enjoy her performance on my own. I must buy the better seat to realize my dream to see her with my own eyes and listen her wonderful songs with my own ears. It is a different matter in my life. Do you like Avril lavigne, you can talk with me.
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