thousands of posts

July 26, 2008 4:44am CST
oh my!!! i just noticed that i already have more than 2000 posts in mylot! that is the number beside your user name (for those who are not aware). and this number does not include my responses or comments to my own discussions and the several responses i make in other people's discussions as these are not counted. but seriously, that is a lot already! i mean at least for me. anyway, i have spent about two years here in mylot already. that is why that number seems so big. but i know of more people who are in the tens of thousands already and sometimes i wonder, man! they just love mylot so much that they spend so much time here. well, much as i want to, i have other things to do and can't really spend a lot of time here. and of course, my other activities are more profitable. mylot is just a wise use of my spare time. instead of playing video games, i would rather post here and earn. that for me is wise use of my time. hehehe do you have a target here at mylot??? such as reaching a certain number of posts? thank you for responding. good day and God bless you all! happy weekend!
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@ishralene09 (2260)
• Philippines
26 Jul 08
I want to respond as much as possible to other people so that I can relate to them. I don't have any specific targets, whatever I can do in a day I will do. Well, I've been challenged by a friend to push through until month end to reach payout amount. I don't know if it will affect my post counts. But I will respond as much as I can.
• Philippines
26 Jul 08
me neither. i just post and post. lol keep on!
• India
26 Jul 08
Currently aiming for 100 posts a day. That way I can get atleast 2 cashouts a month, given the odds. :) Great oging. Someday, I'll get to 2600 too..
• Philippines
26 Jul 08
100 posts! wowow! talk about keeping active. good for you
• Philippines
3 Aug 08
So, you have been here for about two years now huh? You must really be very busy with your other activities as I rarely see you here my friend. Anyway, what is important is that you come visit us here from time to time. More profitable? Hhhmmm... I hope you could share some of those with me.
2 Aug 08
hello! wow! But I don't know if I envy you or not. I envy you because I wonder how you can have the hang of posting so much. I'd like to be able to post a lot, too. wanting to earn a lot from mylot. And also help my friends earn more. Yet partly I don't envy you. I just don't know what will i be like if I become zealous about posting here. Would I still have a life? Anyway, congratulations for your achievement.
@gr8life (6252)
• Malaysia
28 Jul 08
Hello spoiled311, I have been here for over a year and every time I see the number of posts that I made, I feel so much happy. I just don't know why but it brings a lot of happiness to me. Sometimes, I feel like I am a little bit slow and some other times, I just feel good with everything here. I don't really have target here. I don't spend so much time here as I am pretty busy with my work and family life. Whenever I am free, I will just spend an hour or two, to respond to others.